Each $NFD token represents a fraction of the Feisty Doge NFT.






FeistyDAO aims to collect and archive as many culturally impactful tokens as possible - those with the provenance of their original creators. Through our governance token, NFD, we manage the treasury to grow our collection of works.

Internet history,


FeistyDAO is committed to helping onboard artists - for free. We take no fees, and have a global

network of members who can reach out and verify creators.

In 2024, we verified and facilitated the auction of famous Shiba Inu, Achi, known as dogwifhat.
The image sold for $4.3 million.

If you are the creator of a viral cultural phenomenon and wish to monetize it via NFT auction,
please reach out to us at gm@feistydoge.art or through Discord. We offer a fair and open process

- a three day auction with a minimum reserve bid we will agree to meet beforehand.

We help artists for free

Viral memetic templates are an evolution of language. We believe the origins of these images are extremely important to our shared cultural history, and should be valued as all important works are. Moreover, recording them on the blockchain solves many problems of authenticity faced by the traditional art market.

One-of-a-kind stories

A portfolio of provenance

The DAO's treasury has an unrivalled collection of viral works, and a community of dedicated members motivated towards expanding this. Our portfolio includes various projects built on the idea of provenance recorded by leveraging the blockchain, and many of our incubated ventures that we own a stake in have been extremely successful.