Learn more about the origin and history of Feisty Doge and the projects behind it.


In June 2021, Atsuko, the owner of Kabosu, minted eight photographs as 1 of 1 NFTs. These were auctioned off through Zora to raise money for charity. The most well known image of Kabosu, popularized as ‘doge’ with Comic Sans writing, sold to PlsrDAO for 1696 eth.

The other seven were sold to many individual collectors, the journey of which are detailed in this thread.

Feisty doge was won by Wallet Garden’s treasury (then CryptoTrunks), and in August was fractionalized into a token — NFD — in partnership with Cryptopathic. This was done through the site Fractional.

NFD saw immediate success and has since gathered a passionate community that wants to see meme creators get their dues with the power of NFTs; tokens backed by provenance, a story made immutable. It was even written about in Forbes!

Since then, the feisty doge image has also been made fully onchain — it was uploaded using eth.fs and can be seen here:


Another original Doge image, Angry Doge, was fractionalized in 2022 and is being given away to NFD LP stakers as a way of incentivising more liquidity, as well as giving the community a free way of earning parts of this iconic history. You can learn more on the “Lock $NFD” page above.

The provenance — the authenticated story of an object — provides the magic behind it, and gives it value beyond any copy. This is vital for validating history and is the backbone of all collectibles.

This is what our community is about. Using the links below, you can explore more about the community and join us on discord, where we are always coming up with new ideas, have weekly meetings and share our own alpha.



Each $NFD token represents a fraction of the Feisty Doge NFT.