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Get a print of Feisty or Angry Doge images. Holders receive airdrops and can show their support for the community in web3!

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How to lock

Feisty Doge

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Angry Doge

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Requires you to lock 25 million NFD

Qualifies you for airdrops

Prints can be redeemed for their backing tokens at any time.

Requires you to lock 100 million ANFD

Qualifies you for airdrops

May get unique drops

Prints can be redeemed for their backing tokens at any time.

Stake your NFD LP to earn ANFD!

Q. What does staking $ANFD mean, and how does it work?

A. By providing equal parts of $NFD and $ETH to the Sushi Liquidity Pool, you will obtain SLP tokens from the Sushi Protocol here:

SLP tokens represent your share of the pool. Owning these tokens means you will accrue a fee for every NFD-ETH trade that happens, as you are now facilitating these trades with your liquidity.

One extra incentive we have added for holding SLP tokens is that you can stake them over at Unicrypt (, which will allow you to earn $ANFD.

The pool is active until 2029, emitting 70% of the ANFD supply to SLP stakers. This gives a cost effective way for true believers to gain a stake in a real, provenance backed NFT of the doge, Kabosu.


What is Angry Doge?

Here for Angry Doge?

This page is for archiving assets in framer


Each $NFD token represents a fraction of the Feisty Doge NFT.

Our community funds projects and collects famous meme NFTs through the FeistyDAO.



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